Thursday, January 14, 2010


Saw this tutorial on the web, which I'm going to use to make my hills for my jungle terrain. I'm going to go one further than this tutorial however, and embed rocks and other objects into the sand to become part of the finished model.

Got some pieces of bark, some cork rocks, and an oyster, which I think will make a cool waterfall/fish pond. Obviously, Avatar is something of an inspiration here.

Warhammer Jungle Terrain: storage shed 1

Ok: we're going to have an invitational tournament soon, and we've been talking about doing jungle terrain to match the luminous green boards at the shop, and thought I'd get started.

Bought a ton of aquarimn plants from a few local shops which come pre-painted, or rather - not necessary to paint.

Storage Shed
Had this olive oil tin kicking round for ages. I've stuck it onto a cheap acrylic painting board, which cost about $2, and surrounded it with polystyrene. I cut around the tin with a hot wire cutter, so the tin sits into the ground (to give a more extablished feel) and deliberately left the front quite open, as I wanted this to look more trodden and used.

I had a few bits of plastic rod to add a bit of texture to the long surfaces, and used brass etched rivets from MIG productions, although there are many cheaper ways of adding bumps to surfaces:

The doors were from my bitz box, the ladder from a new leman russ, as was the aquilla and the space, for clearing away all that mud!

Looking forward to painting this up, and really weathering it with rust and moss and algea etc. It's alsoa great flat surface for some bit lettering, and will probably do something along the lines of grey base, orange numbering, to contrast nicely with the green foliage.

I found some brass etched folliage from the GW warhammer basing kit, and thought this would look good crawling up the back.

Also in this last photo you can see the basing material, which was a mix of water, glue, filler, sand and a few lumps of cork. I let a little of this go onto the storage shed sides, and smeared the bits that fell off onto the top and the sides to mimic dirt and debris.

Now: I'll leave this to dry and next step painting.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


OK - a very rough picture, but put the sled and the santa together, and had a look to get an idea of what I'm going to do with the basing.

Decided I should do a roo-top scene, with a large industrial chimney, which santa is going to dive down to exade xenos scum.

I want to be able to take this diorama apart, and base the ogryn seperately, so I decided to magnatise the sled chains to the ball the ogryn is pulling.

ALso put in his base colours. A mix of red gore and scorched brown and black for his skins, white and Kommando Khaki for the fur, with tallarn flesh skin, with a thinned wash of ogryn flesh and blue. I'm going to be mixing blues into his skin tones to give him a cold look, as well as contrasting nicely with the red and the white.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Santa's sled.

I wanted this to look quite crude, so used gw sprus for the 'skis' and then bits of plastic card to make up the frame. I'm going to cover the thing with a tarpaulin, so just wanted bits that would give a good shape.

I have a terrible pot of GW black spray - that gives the uneven finish, but at least it doesn't come out lumpy.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Santa Ogryn

So - if you have been following the blog you'll have seen the ogryn I converted, and while in my shop recently, I saw a christmas themed figure competition, and though this guy looked like a pretty good santa.

Give him a red coat and white fur, and a sled full of ammo crates, and a little story about beleagered Valhallans, desperately low on ammo, being saved by the timely arrival of one ogryn with a sled load of power cells who has fought his way through a shit-ton of enemy.....

I wanted to finish off those knights before i got to work on this guy. The deadline is christmas eve, which gives me just under a week to go. Have a mini-diaorama in mind, and will start work on that as well.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

thanks guys!

Really enjoying these guys, and the new empire figures in general. I think I'm a bit odd. I 'get' into armies via the figures and the stories I can imagine them in. These guys are tough, gritty and take no shit.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

batch 2 WIP

I find personally that the empire knights are too 'historical' and not fantastical enough for me, and I'm sure gw will bring out a new set next year. IN the meantime, Ive ordered forge world black templar storm shields as these look pretty good for empire knights.

here are some WIP pictures. Really enjoying these guys, in my head they're from an order called Teutonic Knights who garrison bleak castles along the norther borders of nordland, with the task of keeping out chaos.

Like the idea of them so much, i'm thinking of painting up an order of teutonic knights, with supporting foot troops all in the same black and white chequer board pattern.